Started over 50 years ago by John Bucar, we specialize in lapping, grinding and superfinishing – one of the last steps in the manufacturing process.


To provide each customer with fully inspected, quality parts with an expeditious turnaround time.

“We have almost no margin of error in the kind of work we do.”

Frank Bucar – Owner Super Finishers

SINCE 1963

Founded by John Bucar, Super Finishers has been in business since 1963. As a designated quality supplier for world leading innovators in aerospace such as Eaton Argo-Tech, Crane Lear Romec and Transdigm Aerocontrolex, companies have depended on us for our attention to detail, quality and service for over 50 years.

Today, we continue to innovate and improve to meet the latest industry engineering standards and we do so with a tradition of precision and quality service.


Super Finishers has been an integral part of the aerospace industry by providing superior mirror finish requirements as well as maintaining tolerances within millionths of an inch. Many of the products we finish for aircraft are used in the production of hydraulic, fuel, lubrication and coolant pumps for today’s commercial and military aircraft as well as aero-engine programs. Customers who have pumps that fail often consult with our team here at Super Finishers to diagnose and correct the problem. With our unique capabilities and experience, we can offer services that are truly one of a kind. As we often say,

"We can do the impossible, it might just take a little longer."

Because of our unique expertise and machining capabilities, we are able to offer our one of a kind services to a variety of industries. In addition to the aerospace and defense industry we also have customers in the transportation, plastic and medical industries. For example, we have been supplying nozzle and bushing refacing tools to the plastic injection molding industry for over 20 years.

Superior mirror finish requirements and maintaining tolerances within millionths of an inch


We live and work with a high priority on respect, both for our customers and our employees. With ongoing training for our employees and an enthusiastic approach to face the challenges ahead, we strive to foster an environment conducive to superior quality and problem solving.
We also support our community whenever possible with the belief that these efforts are crucial for the growth and development of our region. For example, we donated our highly specialized skills to create some invaluable components for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.