Perfection is achieved when the final finishing touches have been applied.
Accurate flat or curved mirror surfaces are often required even if the workpieces they belong to are not visible. Whether it be medical devices, household appliances, entertainment technology, or aerospace, defense, and automotive industries, nearly every product today contains small flat parts, gears, or shafts with sealing surfaces.


Due to the high demands made on tolerances, evenness and parallelism, the workpieces have to be lapped or superfinished to a very precise degree to enable them to perform as intended.

In the military and aerospace industry, components must meet the most exacting standards so that, in tough day-to-day running, parts can last for the maximum time. Whether the part’s surface is flat or curved, our experts at Super Finishers achieve the best possible finish. This result is crucial for load-bearing sealing surfaces, because perfect finishes make parts virtually wear-free and tough enough to last.


We maintain the tightest tolerances possible with the latest engineering standards of micro finishes on all types of metals.

  • Flatness: 1 helium light band (.000011”)
  • Surface: Fine mirror finishes under 1 Ra


  • Rely on Super Finishers for expertly finished components in quantities of 1 to 1000
  • Outside diameter work from .062″ to 6.000″ in diameter to .00005 tolerances for straight, round, cylindrical forms maintaining one helium light band (.000011”) flatness of conventional and exotic materials – carbide, titanium, alloys, ceramics