Our Services

Our experts can handle the most delicate tasks and produce stellar products to the exact specifications and engineering standards required.
Super Finishers offers services in lapping, including double disc lapping, blanchard grinding, machining, super finishing, including circular lay finishing, with the ability to meet multiple engineering standards of micro finishes of all types of metals and materials from plastic and carbon, to aluminum and carbide, including various coatings from chrome to tungsten carbide.

We work on projects that require a wide variety of skill and precision.


Lapping is a final abrasive finishing operation that produces extreme dimensional accuracy, corrects minor imperfections of shape, and refines surface finish. Work that is to be lapped should be previously finished close to the final size. While rough lapping can remove considerable metal, it is customary to leave only 0.0005” to .005” of stock to be removed. We regularly hold flatness and parallelism tolerances within millionths of an inch.

Double Disc Lapping

Using a loose abrasive oil, our double-disc lapping enables high product quantities to be machined to consistently high standards in the shortest possible times. The result is workpieces with high surface quality, evenness and parallelism while ad­hering to the tightest of tolerances and keeping costs per part to a minimum.


Superfinishing is a metalworking process that improves surface finish and workpiece geometry. Superfinishing often creates a cross-hatch or circular lay pattern on the workpiece, whether cylindrical or flat. With our unique capabilities, we can produce mirror finishes with precision accuracy within millionths of an inch on all types of materials achieving various surface finish parameters such as Rz, Mr, Tp, Rsk, Rp, etc.


In addition to our tool and cutter grinders, we also provide blanchard grinding up to 16 inches in diameter of all types of materials. Blanchard grinding, also known as Rotary Surface Grinding, is used to efficiently remove stock from one side of material. Blanchard grinding leaves a signature grinding mark, known as cross-hatch, that some consider to have aesthetic appeal. We often finish the products we grind by lapping to achieve closer tolerances of flat, parallel and surface finish when needed.