Ahead of schedule

Every craftsman here at Super Finishers is guided by our quality system and the in-process plan developed for your part.

Our specific quality goals are to maintain customer satisfaction through quality products, continuous improvement and a safe operation. We have an unwavering dedication to meeting the 21st century’s higher quality standards, including the latest engineering standards of micro finishes including but not limited to Ra, Rz, Tp, Rsk, and Rp.


We demonstrate our responsibility to our customers every day as we provide quality, reliable service in a timely manner. Our customers depend on our efficient processing of parts to their specifications and engineering standards with swift turnaround times. Our proven history of shipping parts ahead of schedule with zero defects has been the way we have done business for over 50 years. And yet continuous improvement remains a goal for the entire workforce here at Super Finishers to assure our customers that their confidence has been well placed.


Maintaining the tightest tolerances and the latest engineering standards of micro finishes means we have almost no margin of uncertainty in the kind of work we do. We work with very complex materials and finishes with great expertise because our quality system and in-process plan ensures efficiency and accuracy. We are continually endeavoring to make the part inspection process more efficient and reliable. We have also added new inspection equipment to raise our precision to even higher levels.


There’s no room for error in critical aerospace and aviation components. We finish complex parts in-house for the most demanding military and commercial applications. Our ability to hold close tolerances, to machine exotic materials and to maintain fine finishes puts us in an elite group of highly sought after machine shops. Industries such as aerospace, diesel engine, fluid power and defense all require the attention to detail that Super Finishers provides.


We have been a certified supplier for Eaton Argo-Tech, Crane Lear Romec and Transdigm Aerocontrolex since 1992, 1997 and 2001 respectively.

Super Finishers will process your orders to your exact specifications and meet or exceed your expectations.

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